New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with Cheeky Cherubs

Hello everyone.  We’re on the countdown to New Zealand Babywearing Week (10 – 16 October 2011) and are looking forward to celebrating with you.  Over the next few weeks we will be continuing our fantastic giveaways thanks to some generous product sponsors.  The next giveaway will be drawn once we reach 600 page members over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page.

Cheeky Cherubs New Zealand Babywearing WeekOur 600 liker giveaway sponsor is Cheeky Cherubs. One lucky ‘New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page’ member will be randomly drawn to take home a Caboo baby carrier in Winter Spice valued at $165.00. (Open to NZ residents only).

Caboo (urban definition: to be close to someone) follows in the footsteps of the multi-award winning Close Baby Carrier.  The Caboo is identical in function to the Close Baby Carrier, with some improvements in structure and fit.  It is a stylish, one-piece, luxuriously soft, organic baby carrier that cradles the baby’s bottom, back, neck and head.

The Caboo is safe, practical and comfortable for both baby and wearer. It allows freedom for the wearer, while offering comfort and security for the baby.

  • It is safe, practical, easy to use and comfortable for both baby and wearer.
  • Easy to use, simply put it on over your head.  No buckles or clips.
  • 5 different carrying positions, depending on personal preferences or age of the baby.
  • It allows freedom for the wearer, while offering comfort and security for the baby.  
  • Helps you to bond with your baby easily while leaving your hands free to do other things.

The Caboo is made from the same soft, organic cotton for which the Close Baby Carrier was Highly Commended at the Organic Expo and Green Show Awards in 2009. It is still manufactured ethically, to the highest safety and quality standards, with comfort and support creating the backdrop for all new developments.

Babies will sit  in a ‘frog legged  position’ which is a very natural position for a baby and naturally places less weight and strain on their developing hips. The Caboo is supremely comfortable for you too, our soft wide straps spread the weight of your little one evenly over both shoulders the fixed cross provides excellent back support and  will help reduce the strain on your shoulders.

Although it looks like a wrap, the Caboo goes on as simply as a Tee-Shirt so there is no need to learn wrapping techniques!  Check out the video below to see how easy it is to put on a Caboo baby carrier:

As you would expect your Caboo adheres to  EN 13209-2:2005 and the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe baby carrying.

 Caboo carriers are available in New Zealand from Cheeky Cherubs, Ecomoon & E-Weez.


To be in with a chance to win, join us over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page – that’s it!  Simple, easy.

For extra entries in the draw check out these options:

  1. Like the Cheeky Cherubs Facebook page
  2. Update your Facebook status with the following: “I’m in to win a Caboo baby carrier with @New Zealand Babywearing Week and @Cheeky Cherubs”.  You will need to ‘like’ both New Zealand Babywearing Week and Cheeky Cherubs for the tags to work and remember to make sure your update is shared with ‘everyone’.  To do this click the drop down menu with the padlock icon under your status update and choose ‘everyone’
  3. Leave a comment under this post to let us know why you would like to win a Caboo baby carrier.

Good luck to all who enter!  And thanks for helping to spread the word about New Zealand Babywearing Week – the countdown is on . . .

38 responses to “New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with Cheeky Cherubs

  1. I would love to win the Caboo Baby Carrier so I can wear my baby to give them comfort and love while still being comfy and having my hands free.

  2. I would like to win a Caboo Baby Carrier because nothing beat babywearing and the Caboo looks so comfy for both wearer and wearee 🙂

  3. Wow very cleaver Baby Carrier!! be perfect for a friend of mine how is enjoying carrying her 8week old in a Mei tai that i gave her.

  4. i need a carrier that will safely hold my smallest 5 month old triplet while i tend to the other 2 plus her older preschooler sister… phew lol

  5. Who wouldn’t want to win this wonderful caboo carrier. It would be so easy for my husband to use he wouldn’t mind using it and i might get a break so i can have some mommy me time.

  6. I am pregnant with my second child. I was raped by my x and now he wont support me at all. I am due in 9 weeks with a baby boy. I also have a 2 yr old wee girl.

  7. I would LOVE to win so I can give it away to my sister who is due in about 2-3 weeks with her 2nd baby. She already has another one who is still only one yr of age and is scared to breastfeed the new one in case she cant handle dealing with both kids and having to sit to feed so often. I believe this would be a great asset to her to handle the needs of a newborn baby and that of a busy toddler!. And others in the family could use it too (her partner, nana, ME – the favourite aunty etc lol)

  8. Claire van der Merwe

    I have a little 3mth old daughter and two very active little boys….wearing her in a carrier when we are out and about would make me more hands free, and I love stealing cuddles with her too!!

  9. Would love to win as my sister inlaw is due very soon, and would like to do something nice for her, this would be great for her to bond with her baby 🙂

  10. I have been eyeing off carriers like this since number 1 was born 2.5 years ago and with number 2 due in dec i’d LOVE to try this out. With so many out there its hard to know which is the best to choose so if someone decided for me that’d be swell lol 😀

  11. i would love to win one because they are an amazing product …. this would be fantastic for my lil one and it would make life so much easier …. ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. would love to win one of these. they look awesome

  13. Because they are awesome 🙂 And if I win I would give it to my friend who is expecting because I still use my Moby and my girls are two!

  14. My baby has had a terrible winter (due to colds etc, been in hospital twice) & needs lots of cuddles, I would love this to have the reassurance that he is close to me when needed or wanted.

  15. The carrier looks so comfy and baby number 2 is due in a couple of months 🙂

  16. I would love to wear my son in the Caboo baby carrier. It looks comfy, snug and safe for both mum and bubs.

  17. I would love to win a Caboo Baby Carrier as my little man loves Mummy cuddles but Mummy’s back and arms are getting tired now he is growing so big!

  18. I want to win a caboo baby carrier because my beautiful baby is getting too big to carry in my arms all the time – It would be perfect for teething when she just wants to cuddle or walking along our country roads as Im always nervous of the cars when I take her in the buggy!

  19. Quortez's Mummy - Bex

    a CABOO BABY CARRIER!, please pick me to win, it looks like a great product that’ll keep my son snug & if I happen to win i’ll have a very big grin!! 🙂

  20. I have always wanted a Caboo carrier because they look so comfortable. I’d love to try it with my newborn son.

  21. I would love to win a Caboo Baby Carrier as I am due to have no.2 and am getting really worried about how to deal with 2!!! Think this is exactly what I need to make sure I bond with baby no.2 and still have open arms for my no.1!!

  22. I;d like to win the sling shown as it looks like a nice way to feed my wee boy in public. Still getting used to breastfeeding in public at 13 weeks – call me a slow learner. Also we only have one ‘soft’ sling and another to add to collection may keep the wee man in our arms that much longer during the day. It also looks really simple to use, without having to re-tie it every time it gets loose. xx

  23. I’m due to pop in less than a month now, and am sooooooooo looking forward to wearing my lil one! I would love a caboo carrier to make this possible!

  24. I believe baby wearing is important for mother/father child attachment and having a good quality carrier would make this possible!

  25. I Have always wanted one!!!!!

  26. I’d love to win this carrier, as due with my first in Nov and have been eyeing these up, but with so much else to buy for baby no.1 i haven’t been able to get one yet.

  27. I would love to win a Caboo Baby Carrier so i can carry my gorgeous girl and do the housework at the same time, and my girl loves to be on us 🙂

  28. would love to try the caboo! we have a mei tai but have never got the hang of it (silly i know!) but the caboo looks so easy. good luck everyone!

  29. I would love to win a caboo carrier as my son is getting too heavy for me to carry by hand and using the carrier would free up my hands to do other things – Chores!! Pleasseeee

  30. I would donate the Caboo carrier to the sling library at so that members would have the chance to try it out.

  31. I would love to win this, its looks awesome, wrap slings confuse me but this looks very cool 🙂

  32. i would love to win a caboo carrier for my sister who is due next year (as i love my close baby carrier too much to give it to her!)

  33. I would love to win this, I’m pregnant with my first baby and it looks like it would be amazing (and certainly easier than a stroller on public transport!). Have always liked the idea of keeping baby carried and close.

  34. I’d like a caboo because it looks lovely and soft and easier to put on than a wrap!

  35. I would love to win a caboo. They look so amazing and nice and easy to use. I have another carrier but it takes forever to get it on and off, its just not practical while trying to keep 8 week old happy and 19month old out of trouble 🙂

  36. id like to win as i love to bond with my children and keep them close

  37. I would love one to carry baby in while playing with my 4 year old too. Having my hands free wouuld be great

  38. My best friend is having a c section soon and I would live to give this to her!

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