New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with My Natural Baby

Hello everyone.  We’re on the countdown to New Zealand Babywearing Week (10 – 16 October 2011) and we are looking forward to celebrating with you – just ‘one more sleep!’.  And time for our last major giveaway for this year! The next giveaway will be drawn once we reach 1000 page members over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page.

Our 1000 liker giveaway sponsor is My Natural Baby Ltd. One lucky ‘New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page’ member will be randomly drawn to take home a just launched BlackLine Manduca baby and kids carrier (organic) in Radical Red valued at $255.00. A Manduca front pouch  ($39.95) completes the package. (Open to NZ residents only).

The Manduca Baby and Kids Carrier has been designed in Germany by Wickelkinder GmbH.  Orthopaedically designed and packed with features, the Manduca baby carrier is one of the most versatile and comfortable soft-structured carriers on the market.

 Main features of BlackLine Manduca:

  • Can be used for newborns (from 3.5kg) and for children up to 20kg (about four years old).
  • Includes an integrated infant seat insert
  • Has an integrated back-extension for older babies and toddlers
  • Has integrated head and neck support
  • Is adjustable to fit most people
  • The outer material is 100% organic cotton
  • The inner material is 100% organic cotton
  • Can be machine washed at up to 30C
  • Comes with instructions.

The Manduca allows your baby or toddler to be automatically carried in an orthopaedically correct position (‘M’ position), i.e. sitting position with legs spread to the side, and knees higher than hips.

In the Manduca you carry your child comfortably close to your body. You can carry your child on your front or on your back. The ergonomic and adjustable waist belt allows for baby’s weight to be carried on your hips, preventing back pain. The padded shoulder straps can be worn straight over the shoulders, like a backpack, or crossed.

All materials used for making Manduca are specially tested and controlled for harmful substances.


To be in with a chance to win, join us over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page – that’s it!  Simple, easy.

For extra entries in the draw check out these options:

  1. Like the My Natural Baby Facebook page
  2. Update your Facebook status with the following: “I’m in to win a BlackLine Manduca in RadicalRed with @New Zealand Babywearing Week and @My Natural Baby”.  You will need to ‘like’ both New Zealand Babywearing Week and My Natural Baby for the tags to work and remember to make sure your update is ‘Public’.
  3. Like the Manduca New Zealand Facebook page and leave a comment on the Manduca New Zealand Wall to say hi.
  4. Leave a comment under this blog post to let us know why you would like to win a BlackLine Manduca baby & kids carrier.

Good luck to all who enter!  And thanks for helping to spread the word about New Zealand Babywearing Week!

86 responses to “New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with My Natural Baby

  1. Id love to win one, my son is autistic and always wants to be carried when we get to malls and events as being closer to us makes him feel secure.

  2. I just love this new style and need one for hubby to use!

  3. Rachel Henderson

    Love to have a fantastic carrier to carry my son 🙂

  4. I would love to win a Manduca Blackline b/c they are so good looking. I use my Manduca nearly everyday and think it is one of the best carriers. But, like all good accessories, you need one in every different colour 😉

  5. Rachel Mackinlay-Haigh

    I’d love to win a Manduca Blackline as I really need a more structured carrier now my daughter is getting older and heavier. Would be great to be able to carry her round with me while I do jobs around the house too.

  6. I would love to win one, we have two children now a 21 month old and a 1 month old and would love to be able to carry them both when we are out and not need to use the pram! 😀

  7. I would love to win one as this is the only carrier I have found that will fit my husband comfortably so he will be able to carry baby when he arrives. 6 weeks and counting!!

  8. bonnie phillips

    cos with 4 under 4, we need a secure carrier to carry our smallest @ 5kg and shes 6 months old, so tiny. cos shes had breathing issues and all the bugs of winter effect her more than the other 2 triplets or her elder sister, she demands to be carried, close to mummy ALOT, mummys back is starting to ache 😦 so please consider us cheers

  9. I would love to win one as I have been trying to find something that takes the weight of my one year old son.

  10. Sharron Iversen

    Love my Manduca and would Love to be able to gift one to my sister who is expecting her second baby in March! Will make life alot easier for her 🙂

  11. I’d love to win a new Manduca because mine is so well used its becoming embarrassing ….and we just can’t be shabby now can we lol

  12. I’d love to win a Manduca, they look so comfy and easy to use. Babywearing is the best!

  13. Would love to win a BlackLine Manduca baby & kids carrier. My older two are 6 and 8 and there are places that a carrier would be heaps easier for my 10 month old than the buggy. Would love to get up the mountain on some bush walks but the buggy is so restricting, even though it has all terrain wheels.

  14. love my manduca- mostly for daughter no.2 but if we had another, daughter no.1 could get worn too!

  15. Would love to win this manduca as I know how invaluable they are and would love to gift it to a friend due in Feb 2012!

  16. I’d love to win a Manduca, because I’m an idiot and sold the one I bought for my oldest and then wished I hadn’t when #2 arrived!!

  17. Would Love to win this manduca as i have tried heaps of carriers and not liked them, tried my friends and loved it, bit out of our price reach and with a new bubba on the way would come in handy

  18. I’d love to win! #3 is a severe refluxer and being held close and upright helps her, I’d love to be able to wear her 😀

  19. id lve to win a carrier i have 2 toddlers and a 5 month old a carrier would helop me have 2 hands once again

  20. Oh pretty please!!! I have been coveting a Manduca for so long. Hubby wants to keep our very loved “vintage” Ergo from 2006 but man it is an old shabby looking carrier now but does a damn good job! With Baby #3 being worn I would love an upgrade.

  21. I would love to win a manduca because everyone else has one, or more! I’ve borrowed Cally’s and absolutely love it and would love my own for Mr11 mths especially at the moment as he has become so clingy, it would allow me to get things done around the house and make shopping trips and family outings alot easier!

  22. My 1 yr old boy is a mummas boy and needs to be cuddled all the time and my arms get sore (and I can’t unlock the door either hahaha)

  23. I would love to win a Manduca as baby number 2 is on the way and would be awesome to have a manduca for him!

  24. I have been eyeing up manduca baby carriers for a while now. my 13mth old daughter is the youngest of 4 and i am busy trying to improve my health and fitness. i would love a manduca so she could be carried with me as i walk to school and kindy and also as i walk a local bush track. would love to win one !

  25. A BlackLine Manduca in Radical Red would make life so much easier! Having my hands free and my son comfortable would mean I could get so much more done and would be great for walks on the beach over summer!

  26. I’ld love to win a Manduca to carry my toddler or newborn in

  27. I would love to win a Manduca, because, well, you can never have enough carriers can you? 🙂

  28. I really need one I am a solo mum with soon to be two kids under 2.5yrs. We had an incident last week crossing a road. Bree ran off and almost got hit by a car when her shoe fell off. With a Manduca Id always know where she is.

  29. Soo exciting! I’d love to win one – like Julie, my old one is looking a bit shabby! Lots of deserving folks here though 🙂

  30. Love my Manduca but could really use a new one as my one has been used almost every day for over two years and is getting a little worn! 😉

  31. Geneviene Murray

    I would love to win – to be selfless and give it away to my darling little sister who gave birth to her 2nd baby just 2 days ago (in the emergency car park of the hospital in front of strangers and all lol). She wants to breastfeed but now she has 2 babies under 2 yrs of age and knows it is going to be hard once her partner returns to work in a few days and she has to deal with them both by herself. I think she really deserves the manduca after such a traumatic labour and birth 🙂

  32. I have only baby carrier and would love a Manduca as have 2 kids under 4 and hoping to add another to the mix next year! This one hubby would wear too and it’s gorgeous 🙂 Please I would be incredibly grateful to win this especially after my first 2 were reflux babies. Fingers crossed!!!!

  33. I’d LOVE to win a redline manduca because its pretty 🙂 And Daddy will wear it coz its a neutral colour ❤

  34. I’d love to win one for my husband to use with our oldest girl 🙂

  35. I have a Beco which has served me well and is too pretty to part with, but if I were looking for an SSC now I would go for a Manduca for its great features.

  36. The reason why I would love to win a BlackLine Manduca in RadicalRed (or any Manduca) starts 7 months ago when my baby was born 11 weeks early. I wasn’t able to see her for 4 days after birth because I was in HDU and the first time I was allowed to hold her was when she was a week old. During that first week of her life, she had a setback that frightened us more than we were already frightened by her early arrival and all that entailed. As a result, I was worried about holding her and having Kanga Cuddles with her; but, it went really well. In fact, according to the machines and monitors she was hooked up to, she seemed to thrive every time we were having Kanga Cuddles. While we were in NICU, a nurse suggested I purchase a baby carrier to wear my baby in once she was discharged. Being a new (& slightly shell-shocked) first-time mum, I bought a baby carrier (& all of its accessories) in a baby shop, not understanding that there are different types of carriers that are better in many different ways. (I’ve recently learned this!) The carrier we have has served its primary purpose. My baby has always been happy and content being worn which is great because she does have anxieties as a result of everything she has gone through so far. But, my baby is starting to outgrow it (even though she is small) and winning the manduca would allow us to continue providing her that warm, safe, happy place. 🙂

  37. I’d LOVE to win a new Manduca! We have one already, but using it everyday i’m worried we’ll wear it out lol! Plus, it would be nice to go for family walks with both boys being carried instead of one having to go in the pram…

  38. Sick of using the frontpack which gives me backache! Love to have a Manduca to carry my little one everywhere! (he hates the buggy so needs to be carried most of the time!) Woot woot! 🙂

  39. We would looove to win! Baby #4 is gonna be the best christmas present ever for 5 year old Reuben, 4 year old Eden and 3 year old Layla (mama and papa too of course!), and a BlackLine Manduca in RadicalRed (because it’s faster) would make life at the ‘Dukers’ just a little easier. We will have a manger set up under the tree for our new arrival and hopefully a lovely fancy new carrier under the tree for bubs too.

  40. I would love to win as it would mean I could run around more with my very busy 23month old with my 5month old still snuggled in close to me, best of both worlds 🙂

  41. I would love to win this gorgeous carrier! It’s a stunner – just like my little girl 🙂

  42. I would love to win the manduca! Seth has relfux and have spent many a day and nights up cuddling him and he doesnt lke his pram much! so i end up carrying him! (which at 11kgs can be hard!!) I have a sling but it is bad for the back! If we won I would wear with pride! def prefer to have him worn rather than in the pram 🙂

  43. I would love to win as I really need a new carrier and cant really afford one at the moment

  44. I would love to be an owner of a manduca, i have heard so much positive feedback about them and with a four year old and planning to spend lots of time at the beach over summer i would be so grateful to have a carrier that i can trust my one month old will be safe in.. Good luck everyone!

  45. I have a Manduca, but I would love to win one to give to my best friend who is due shortly. When my baby was very young, she very kindly loaned me her Moby. She has seen my Manduca and has serious baby carrier envy. I would love to repay the favour and give her the best carrier there is.

  46. wow… simply beautiful and practical

  47. I would love to win the manduca. I borrowed a moby when my daughter was born and miss baby wearing so much as i had to return it.

  48. I would love to win the Manduca as with third baby on the way the previous carrier is looking a little worse for wear and an upgrade is needed.

  49. Would love to win this Manduca so both kids could be carried when my husband and I go out 🙂

  50. Tracey O'Connor

    I would love to win a Blackline Manduca carrier so i can take my son to work with me on my back:) I have a job where i help teach children to play golf and taking my son with me is going to be awesome. Unfortunately i can’t carry him on my back with my Moby wrap so winning a Manduca would solve all my problems and make having him with me even while working a dream come true 🙂

  51. Would love to own our very own Manduca so I don’t have to keep using the hire one! hehe

  52. I’d love to win one so my partner can carry one baby and I can carry the other – one carrier each would be great!!

  53. I would love to win a manduca for my new baby, due in November. I loved carrying my older child as much as possible with my old carrier, but I have a bad back now, so I need a really comfortable, well-designed carrier & I’ve heard nothing but good things about manduca.

  54. I’d LOVE one of these. We currently use a Moby wrap, which is great, but something like this would be so much easier and more supportive for the wee man 🙂

  55. I would love to win this new BlackLine Manduca so my partner will carry our son too (he thinks my carrier is too girly!)

  56. I would love to win a manduca. Babywearing is the best way to keep baby’s happy at all times 🙂

  57. Basically, why wouldn’t I want to win one??!! They are great. It’d be nice to have another carrier so my husband can share the babywearing of our kids when we are out and about rather than always having to have our toddler in his arms 🙂

  58. Laurena Francis

    Love the manduca. Only have ring slings would love to own a manduca

  59. Tinks the Minx*

    I would LOVE to win a manduca! PLEASEEEEEE! :-).*

  60. Would so like to win one for my soon to arrive first grandchild! Whoopee, they are such a good product!

  61. Id love one of these as i got a brown one instead of this one as i couldnt afford the extra… 🙂 I LOVE being able to carry him around easily when hes grumpy.

  62. I’d love to win a manduca for my awesome friend Robin 🙂

  63. Would love another high-quality carrier. 🙂

  64. Would love to be “hands free” when our new baby arrives so I can still play games with Master 3!

  65. I would love to win a manduca, I’m currently pregnant with my second child – due 12th of Jan – these look stylish and comfortable and most importantly safe, I never had a carrier for my first but love the idea of the closeness and bonding a carrier brings 🙂

  66. I’d love to win- my baby is due in 3 weeks. Have also done all the above steps 🙂

  67. Would be great to have one, think this style would be great for my husband

  68. my sister sent me a link to a manduca only a day or so ago, they look awesome! id love to win one for my babies as we’re in no position to buy one but certainly need something like this- and how beautiful is this!! whoever wins has one lucky baby:) im in love

  69. Oh WOW!!! Look at all these beautiful deserving parents looking to WIN a Manduca! I was fortunate to win one earlier this year and i love every minute that we spend with it! (Thats lots of minutes) It is everything we knew it would be and so much more! Thank you so much for our Manduca and Best wishes to all who enter in the draw! 🙂 Xo HAPPY NZ Baby Wearing Week everyone!

  70. I would love to have a manduca because we have triplets and when I want to pop in somewhere (especially if it’s just to get some milk from the supermarket or similar!), it is a huge hassle to set up the triplet pram (you have to put on the wheels, put on the top seat, and all sorts, so takes a while to set up!). But if I had a manduca, then i could wear one of my girls in that, and put my other two girls in the double stroller we have, which is very quick and easy to put up. The amount of times I’ve been drenched in the rain trying to put the triple stroller up! Thanks for this comp too, you are going to make one family VERY happy! 🙂

  71. Robidybobbin&Kōpistar

    Wow! I liked the very first comment under this blog post 🙂
    Hmmm, so why do I think it should be me who wins? Um, I guess I don’t deserve it any more than anyone here, especially you poor mama bears with sick bubbas. I’d like one so that I can write my PhD thesis while still giving my wee boy the closeness he’s come to know with me. He is his calmest next to my body and carrying him creates an environment conducive to his emotional well-being and to my lack of anxiety and ability to actually do some of my PhD work. As a single mama from day one I struggle to balance my study-baby-work responsibilities and so my PhD thesis is suffering. Perhaps a Manduca baby carrier is the solution, or perhaps winning the lottery and bribing the Massey Graduate Research School is. I’m going with winning a Manduca,as I’m sure the odds are better. Good luck lovely mamas and happy bubba-wearing week all. Ngā mihi nui x

  72. I would love to win one for my hubby, I have shown him them and he loves the style and says they look ‘manly’ so he would have no problems wearing his baby girl in one 🙂

  73. I would love to own a Manduca carrier, are USA residents able to enter?

  74. I would love to win this, I love wearing my baby & to have a different one to what I have now would be awesome.

  75. This would be fantastic – I look after extra kiddies, and the walk to kindy is interesting with only a double buggy, a baby, two toddlers and a 3 year old! I’d love to pop one of the toddlers in the manduca!

  76. SOOO many reasons why! Having one would be great now my girls are bigger and getting them in and out of the Moby is a mission!

  77. I so need this, I want one and have been looking to buy for ages bneed to save up, my daughter hates her pram now she can walk and she’s too big for my wrap!!!

  78. I would love to win one of these, as I have never had a bought carrier, only homemade ones.

  79. Would love one for my hubby to use with our toddler! Especially with Summer coming up – I can imagine the nice walks along the foreshore now… wouldn’t have to worry about toddler getting tired nor a bulky pram to have to take.

  80. Yes please fantastic gift for a much deserving friend of mine due soon

  81. I would love a manduca because everyone I know raves about theirs and I am a babywearing addict with a heavy 7 month old baby who is too heavy to lug around in my arms.

  82. Would love to win one so i can pass on my ergo to my friend who needs one and get the manduca ive been wanting but couldnt justify getting when i already had an ergo! hehe

  83. I’d love to win one so my partner and I can both carry the kids…I love my Manduca!

  84. Kirsteen McDonald

    I’d love to win the BlackLine Manduca in RadicalRed – it looks so much more comfy than my current carrier. And I missed out twice this morning by just 1 number so surely my luck should change 🙂

  85. I’d love to win one as I am pregnant with my second child and our old baby carrier is broken and I love manduca but wont be able to afford a new one.

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