New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with Baby Banz NZ

Hello everyone.  We’re on the countdown to New Zealand Babywearing Week (6 – 14 October 2012) and we are looking forward to celebrating with you.  Over the next few weeks we will be continuing our fantastic giveaways thanks to some generous product sponsors.  The next giveaway will be drawn once we reach 1600 page members over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page.

Our 1600 liker giveaway sponsor is Baby Banz NZ. One lucky ‘New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page’ member will be randomly drawn to win a Banz Sun-Safe Kit, valued at $117.00. (Open to NZ residents only).

Included in the Banz Sun-safe Kit is a Banz Classic Tropical Green sunhat in Baby size (0-2 years), a matching pair of Adventure Banz sunglasses in Lime Green, a sunglasses case, a UV indicator, a tote bag and a 60ml Oasis Sun organic sunscreen. The perfect babywearing accessories! Visit the Banz website to check out the fabulous range of sun safety products on offer.


To be in with a chance to win, join us over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page – that’s it!  Simple, easy.

For extra entries in the draw check out these options:

  1. Like the Baby Banz NZ Facebook Page.
  2. Update your Facebook status with the following: “I’m in to win a Banz Sun-Safe Kit with @New Zealand Babywearing Week and @Baby Banz NZ. You will need to ‘like’ the New Zealand Babywearing Week and Baby Banz NZ Facebook pages for the tags to work and remember to make sure your update is shared as ‘Public’.  To do this click the drop down menu to the left of the ‘post’ button in your status update section on your wall  and choose ‘Public’.
  3. Leave a comment under this post to let us know why you would like to win the Banz Sun-Safe Kit.

Good luck to all who enter!  And thanks for helping to spread the word about New Zealand Babywearing Week – the countdown is on . . .

29 responses to “New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with Baby Banz NZ

  1. as of this time I don’t have a summer hat or glasses for Mr 13 months or sunscreen because I’ve never been sure which lot to buy. Would love to win this!

  2. I would love this as I have a little redheaded baby and we need to be very careful with him in the sun. I don’t want him to get sunburnt like his farther and I did when we were kids (we are redheads too). I don’t want him to be contained inside though because of his fair skin and have been looking for some organic sunscreen for him.

  3. I would love to protect my little guys skin and eyes with this awesome set, (I am so fair and he has inherited my skin which burns so easily) he would look super cute in it too!

  4. my little blonde beauty will need some sun protection this summer, I’d love to win this kit to help protect her delicate skin

  5. My sister is having her first baby in the middle of summer – would be great protection for the wee bub :o)

  6. I’d love to win this as my wee one loves to be outside in the sunshine. it would be great to know she was properly protected from the sun and have more time outside!

  7. Would absolutely love to win this for our little one… have heard such great things about the brand and the products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My boy is often outside rain or shine and spends more time outside during the summer so this would be very useful for the hot summer days as he also has quite sensitive skin to the sun !

  9. I would love to win this for my baby girl as I want to make sure she is protected from the harsh NZ sun rays while at the beach or outdoors this summer. 🙂

  10. I would love to get outside with my 16 month old this summer and would love her to be sun safe

  11. my partner recently through out our sons sun screen so now we need to buy some more for summer =( and hes going to need new sun hat and sunnies as he grown out of all his hats and doesnt have any sunnies =) so this would be amazing to win for summer and then next baby would get to wear them the following summer =)

  12. So concious of the sun here… would be an amazing prize for our little one

  13. Would love to win this as why should it only be the adults who are protecting their eyes from the sun! and such wonderful products to win!

  14. I bought some Baby Banz for my son Sam last Summer…and now I cant find them! Argh!! Love Baby Banz…Samuel looks super cute while being protected from the harsh NZ sun!

  15. I would like to win the Banz Sun-Safe kit

  16. I’d like to win some Baby Banz because our baby’s eyes are precious and we want to look after them!

  17. Karina Janislawski

    We’re about to bring our first bubs into this world in 3 weeks time! We’re both big outdoor lovers and spend a lot of time in the sun surfing, doing triathlons, running, swimming and cycling – we want to make sure our lil’ boy will be fully protected right from his first summer, this kit would be perfect and so so cute!!

  18. I am a huge fan of Baby Banz products so would love to win this prize. We’re in walking distance to 3 fantastic North Shore beaches but don’t have a new season sunhat or sunblock for my (not so) lil guy 14 months so could really use this every day when out and about to protect his delicate skin and eyes

  19. I would love to win the Banz Sun-Safe Kit! Skin cancer runs in my family so making sure my son is sun smart is super important to me!

  20. I would so love this for my little girl as we spend the better part of our day out and about and she spends a lot of time in the car and I know the sun hurts her eyes but it is so hard to know what is the right thing to get for them when they are so little and it would make the up and coming car trips so much easier for her

  21. It is so important to practice sun safety, especially here in New Zealand!!! I would love to win the Banz Sun-Safe Kit to help me to protect my little girl during summer!!

  22. mybirthyramblings

    I would love to win the baby banz pack as my youngest is having a liver transplant in a month and the medication she will be on will leave her extremely sensitive to the sun, increasing her burning risk and risk of cancer, so we will need to keep her covered up and out of the sun 😦

  23. Our very fair one-year-old doesn’t have sunglasses or even a sun hat that fits. I’d love to win this for summer!

  24. I would love this for my two boys, We have lots of picnics in the summer and play down at the lake, Practicing safe sun protection at a younge age is important

  25. I would love to win this as I’m an expat Brit and still not used to the crazy sun here, so I want to make sure that I’ve got my little’un safely protected this summer ‘slip, slop, slap’ and all that 🙂

  26. Mr almost 18months needs a new sunhat and sunglasses so this would be fantastic to win!

  27. i would love to win this as our son doesn’t have sunglasses and i want to protect his eyes 🙂

  28. I’d love to win this! Mr 4yrs has everything he needs for Summer but poor old Mr 14months has a bigger head than his brother did & doesn’t fit any of his old hats!!! Also we’re out in the sun soooo much as we walk everywhere & I just like to know that my kidlets are safe & protected whilst we’re off exploring their world 🙂

  29. Id love to win as my kids spend all there summer outside! Would be fab to keep them protected!

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