New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with My Natural Baby – WIN a Storchenwiege Ring Sling!

We’re on the countdown to New Zealand Babywearing Week (5-13 October 2013) and we are looking forward to celebrating with you.  We’ve been loving the giveaways over the last couple of weeks thanks to some generous product sponsors.  The next giveaway will be drawn once we reach 2000 page members over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page.


Our 2000 liker giveaway sponsor is My Natural Baby Ltd. One lucky ‘New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page’ member will be randomly drawn to take home a Storchenwiege Woven Ring Sling valued at $140.00 in the Inka Colourway (pictured above) . (Open to NZ residents only).

Practical and simple to put on: The Storchenwiege® RingSling, made of the proven Storchenwiege® sling material, can be worn in one size by different wearers.

Using the Storchenwiege® RingSling, you can:

  • carry your child on your hip, tummy to tummy and on your back.
  • carry your child easily and quickly, but still have both hands free for her brothers or sisters or jobs you need to do.
  • easily manage barriers such as stairs, getting on the bus or train, or rough or irregular paths.
  • give your toddler a rest when she is just learning to walk and cannot yet manage long distances.

What makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling so special?

  • The Storchenwiege® RingSling is made of 100% cotton; the special Storchenwiege® fabric stands out for its extremely good diagonal elasticity. The Storchenwiege® RingSling thus supports the child firmly and envelops her body like a firm bandage. This guarantees a safe, comfortable feeling when wearing it.
  • The fabric of the Storchenwiege® RingSling is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for babies. In this way, you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe for your child´s health.
  • The use of large, high-quality aluminium rings makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling comfortable to wear, allowing its folds to be arranged neatly in the rings and thus over the shoulder. The Storchenwiege® RingSling also has different-coloured edges, making it considerably easier to put on, and especially to pull tight.

Leo bordeaux_RingSling

How to care for your Storchenwiege® RingSling properly:
The Storchenwiege® RingSling can be washed on gentle machine setting at up to 60°C. You may like to use a washing bag to protect your washing machine and the aluminium rings.


To be in with a chance to win, like the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page and leave a comment under the image of the Storchenwiege Ring Sling in the Inka colourway that’s pinned near the top of the New Zealand Babywearing Week page to let us know why you’d like to win it.

For extra entries in the draw check out these options:

  1. Like the My Natural Baby Facebook page and leave a comment to say hi and how you found the page.
  2. Like the Storchenwiege New Zealand Facebook page and leave a comment to say hi and how you found the page.
  3. Leave a comment under this post to let us know why you would like to win the Storchenwiege Inka Ring Sling.

Good luck to all who enter!  A winner will be drawn when we reach 2000 likers on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page so feel free to share the page around to help us get there.  New Zealand Babywearing Week – the countdown is on . . .

39 responses to “New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with My Natural Baby – WIN a Storchenwiege Ring Sling!

  1. Never tried a ring sling – would love to win this!

  2. Hi, I would LOVE to win the Storchenwiege Inka Ring Sling as my second child is due any day now & Im brand new to babywearing & havnt had a chance to buy/try out any slings yet

  3. Would love to win this 🙂

  4. Would totally love to win this for my wee man due tomorrow! Just hoping he arrives in time for the baby wearing festivities!

  5. I would love to win this!! I haven’t owned a rs and this one looks amazing!

  6. This would just be perfect for my heavy wee girl when we are out and about exploring new things 🙂

  7. Have always loved ring slings and these colours are just gorgeous!

  8. I used my arms as a sling with my first – and would love a “real” sling like this one for my second (all things going well may be here May 2014!)

  9. Would love to win this ring sling as due with baby number 2 so a ring sling would be perfect to keeping baby close to me and me mobile enough to keep up with my energetic toddler!

  10. Love to win one of these, would make going through the airport a lot easier later this year with miss4 mr1 and myself.

  11. Would love to wear my inquisitive boy on my hip! colours are fab ❤

  12. Id love love love to win this, have always wanted to try a ring sling, they sound very practical and these ones look amazing too.

  13. Loving these babywearing week giveaways! Would love to win a beautiful ring sling like this, so convenient and would be super supportive with the woven wrap fabric! My 8 month old loves being worn and I love having her close.

  14. This sling is so pretty! I’d love to win it, it would be so awesome for getting my little miss around, and giving me a spare hand after grabbing little Mr!

  15. Kia ora:) I would love love love to try this sling, I have a 21month old and a 9month old so since my youngest was born ive relied on babywearing to manage my very close together in age babes. Now it would be awesome to try a back carry in this beautiful wrap, finger & toes crossed!!!

  16. I would like to enter the draw for the Storchenwiege Inka Ring Sling please It would be a lovely way to experience baby wearing in the new year when my baby is born 🙂 !

  17. Wow what a generous gift!!! This woven us just devine!! Im a new mumma to baby wearing and would love to be the proud new owner of this sling!! It would be put to good use wth my 11wk old and i would love to show it off!!

  18. What an amazing prize to win!! Would love to be lucky enough to win this and use with my baby.

  19. I would love a storchenwiege ring sling as my wee man Is 16 weeks and is outgrowing his capsule. I would love to start wearing him close to me on our outings and be able to treasure him an have him close before he’s to big to wear – because they grow too fast 🙂



  20. I would love this ring sling as they make your baby so portable!

  21. I’d love a Storchenwiege RS to give to a very dear friend. 🙂

  22. Hi! I would love to win this ring sling as I’m new to babywearing with my 16 week old son. I have been eyeing up ring slings for a while now as I love the look of them and I’m sure my son would love being carried in it. Unfortunately being a stay at home mum means awesome products like this are on my wish list for when the money tree grows 🙂

  23. Just experiencing the ring sling love for the first time! Would love to win one of our own (then I could return the one we are borrowing) 🙂

  24. Would love for this to be my first ring sling!

  25. I would so love to win this ring sling to use with my 6 month old. We have a thick fabric one which works quite well for us, but would love the added comfort for us both that we would get from a woven one!

  26. I would LOVE a ring sling as just given birth to my 4th boy…. 3rd in 3.5 years! and I need my hands free for my other kids, and cooking and housework, walks etc….. much rather carrying him than the bulky pram!

  27. Would love this to carry my 12wk old son

  28. I would love to win this because im going back to work next week and bubs is coming with me and it would really help me at work to get things done but to also have her close to me

  29. I would really love to get into the baby wearing scene as I think it seems to be a far more natural way to have your child close and comforted. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I win this one so I can get to try it out 🙂

  30. We would love to use a sling for day walks

  31. Would love this sling – I’ve not used one and planning for no. 2 so that would be AMAZING!

  32. hi i would absolutely love to win one of these! i love baby wearing but unfortunately the sling i purchased a few months ago got lost in the post 😦

  33. Jessica Athukorala

    My 9mo is getting heavy but she doesn’t like the wrap anymore because she can’t see enough and a sling would be a perfect solution so she’s supported but can still take it all in.

  34. I wear my baby quite a bit but have never tried a ring sling and would love too.

  35. I would LOVE to win a Storchy, they are sooo pretty and it would be great to carry my toddler in when his legs get sore.

  36. We are planning number two now so this would be perfect!

  37. Beautiful slings!! I’d love one of these to carry my sweet little 8 week man who loves cuddles and so that I can hold him as well as having a hand or two free to help his twin sisters 🙂

  38. I would love to have this as I love wearing my 6 month old in order to chase my 2 year old around. I have also never tried a ring sling and would love to

  39. I would love to win a Storchenwiege
    ringsling. Im pregnant with #1 and this would be a perfect addition for a new mum

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