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Celebrating 200 – Huggalugs leg warmers giveaway

Huggalugs leg warmersThank you everyone who has joined us so far over at the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page.  To celebrate our first 200 page members we have two pairs of Huggalugs leg warmers to give away courtesy of My Natural Baby Ltd

Huggalugs leg warmers are the perfect babywearing accessory.  They are great to put on little legs to keep ankles warm when pants inevitably ride up when your child is being carried in a sling or baby carrier.  They are great for arms too as you can tell from the image above.  Huggalugs leg warmers are also good to keep in your bag for when the weather turns cold unexpectedly.  If you child is comfy in their carrier, Huggalugs are simple to pop onto legs and arms without having to take your child out!  Huggalugs are also great for breathable sun protection in the summer and for keeping mosquitos and sand flies from biting.

Our two lucky giveaway winners may each choose a pair of Huggalugs from any of the available styles currently available at My Natural Baby Ltd – leghuggers, Nubies, legruffles, lacettes or Cable Knit.  And the lucky winners are:

Marion Woodley

Jenner Lee

Congratulations Marion and Jennor! Please get in touch with me by emailing info @ mynaturalbaby dot co dot nz

Another giveaway will be happening to celebrate 400 with a prize donated by another New Zealand Babywearing Week sponsor – keep an eye out for details and please continue to invite your babywearing friends to join our Facebook page.

Here’s to celebrating babywearing in New Zealand.