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WINNER: Storchenwiege Woven Ring Sling Courtesy of My Natural Baby Ltd


Thanks to everyone who has joined us on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page as we count down to October 5th. To celebrate 2000 page members we have a Storchenwiege woven ring sling in the Inka colourway to give away to one lucky page member!

And the lucky winner is Hannah Burson. Congratulations Hannah! Please email Helen through the ‘contact us’ page on the My Natural Baby website to let her know your delivery details.

Keep an eye out for the next giveaway announcement as we count down to New Zealand & International Babywearing Week 2013 . . .

Weekly Focus: Ring Slings

Storchenwiege ring sling

Ring slings are a one shouldered carrier suitable for newborns through to toddlers.  A ring sling can be used the same way as a pouch sling – the difference though is that a ring sling is adjustable so one size will fit all wearers.  The ring sling is adjusted by pulling the end of the fabric through purpose made sling rings, allowing baby to be adjusted upwards and inwards so that they are nice and snug against the wearers body.

Storchenwiege ring slingAlways make sure to use a ring sling that has been made with purpose made sling rings as these have been weight tested for safety.  Never use a ring sling if the rings have a join in them as they may pull apart causing the sling to become dangerous.

Babies can be carried in several different holds in a ring sling – upright cradle, tummy to tummy, hip and back. The most common carry with a ring sling is the hip carry as shown below.

Storchenwiege ring sling organic As with any baby carrier, positioning is very important when carrying your baby.  For an upright cradle carry with a ring sling, always make sure baby’s face is clear of fabric and that their chin is not pressed into their chest – an easy way to make sure the airway is clear is to make sure you can fit two fingers between baby’s chin and their chest.  For carries with an older baby or toddler where their legs are out, always make sure their knees are higher than their bottom.  This can be achieved by spreading the fabric of the sling right up to the backs of your child’s knees, creating a comfy seat for them.  This ensures optimal positioning of baby’s developing hips and spine.  The images above and below show the correct positioning with the child’s knees higher than their bottom.

Storchenwiege ring sling LillyWhen carrying your child in a tummy to tummy, hip or back carry, make sure to pull the fabric nice and high up baby’s back, making sure the sling is nice and snug.  This ensures that your child’s back is well supported.

The fabric of the ring sling should be nicely spread across the wearer’s back, as pictured below.  This allows the child’s weight to be evenly distributed across their caregivers shoulder and back and makes for comfortable wearing without any painful pressure points.  The fabric should cap the shoulder, it should not dig into your neck.

Storchenwiege ring sling Bio Eric Ring sling terms and their definitions:

Tail = the end of the sling that hangs through the rings.  This can be held over your child if you’re caught in a rain shower, to cover your child for sun protection or as a breastfeeding cover if desired.

Rails = the edges of the sling.  The top rail goes behind baby’s back in upright carries and can be adjusted to bring baby in closer to you.  The bottom rail goes under baby’s knees in upright carries and can be adjusted to lift baby higher up your body – their bottom should be about level with your tummy button.

For more information about ring slings and to find instructions complete with photos, please visit Slingbabies!

Article written by Helen MacMillan of My Natural Baby Ltd

Storchenwiege ring sling images used with permission.

Winner: Storchenwiege woven ring sling donated by My Natural Baby Ltd

StorchenwiegeThanks to everyone who has joined us on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page as we count down to October 10th. To celebrate 800 page members we have a Storchenwiege woven ring sling in the winner’s choice of available colourways, donated by My Natural Baby Ltd to give away to one lucky page member!

And the lucky winner is:

Cally Hutchins

Congratulations Cally.  And a big thank you to My Natural Baby Ltd for sponsoring this giveaway.

Keep an eye out for the last giveaway announcement for this year as we count down to New Zealand Babywearing Week 2011 . . .

New Zealand Babywearing Week Giveaway with My Natural Baby Ltd

Hello everyone.  We’re on the countdown to New Zealand Babywearing Week (10 – 16 October 2011) and we are looking forward to celebrating with you.  We’ve been loving the giveaways over the last couple of months thanks to some generous product sponsors.  The next giveaway will be drawn once we reach 800 page members over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page.

StorchenwiegeOur 800 liker giveaway sponsor is My Natural Baby Ltd. One lucky ‘New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page’ member will be randomly drawn to take home a Storchenwiege Woven Ring Sling valued at $140.00 in their choice of colour from available colourways . (Open to NZ residents only).

Practical and simple to put on: The Storchenwiege® RingSling, made of the proven Storchenwiege® sling material, can be worn in one size by different wearers.

Using the Storchenwiege® RingSling, you can:

  • carry your child on your hip, tummy to tummy and on your back.
  • carry your child easily and quickly, but still have both hands free for her brothers or sisters or jobs you need to do.
  • easily manage barriers such as stairs, getting on the bus or train, or rough or irregular paths.
  • give your toddler a rest when she is just learning to walk and cannot yet manage long distances.

What makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling so special?

  • The Storchenwiege® RingSling comes with detailed instructions on how to wear it and a washing bag to protect your washing machine and the Storchenwiege® RingSling aluminium rings.
  • The Storchenwiege® RingSling is made of 100% cotton; the special Storchenwiege® fabric stands out for its extremely good diagonal elasticity. The Storchenwiege® RingSling thus supports the child firmly and envelops her body like a firm bandage. This guarantees a safe, comfortable feeling when wearing it.
  • The fabric of the Storchenwiege® RingSling is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for babies. In this way, you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe for your child´s health.
  • The use of large, high-quality aluminium rings makes the Storchenwiege® RingSling comfortable to wear, allowing its folds to be arranged neatly in the rings and thus over the shoulder. The Storchenwiege® RingSling also has different-coloured edges, making it considerably easier to put on, and especially to pull tight.

How to care for your Storchenwiege® RingSling properly:
The Storchenwiege® RingSling can be washed at up to 60°C. Please use the enclosed washing bag to protect your washing machine and the aluminium rings.


To be in with a chance to win, join us over on the New Zealand Babywearing Week Facebook page – that’s it!  Simple, easy.

For extra entries in the draw check out these options:

  1. Like the My Natural Baby Facebook Page
  2. Update your Facebook status (on your own wall) with the following: “I’m in to win a Storchenwiege woven ring sling with @New Zealand Babywearing Week and @My Natural Baby”.  You will need to ‘like’ both New Zealand Babywearing Week and My Natural Baby Facebook pages for the tags to work and remember to make sure your update is shared with ‘everyone’.  To do this click the drop down menu with the padlock icon under your status update and choose ‘everyone’
  3. Leave a comment under this post to let us know your favourite Storchenwiege ring sling colourway (view available Storchenwiege ring sling colours on the My Natural Baby website) and why you would like to win one.

Good luck to all who enter!  And thanks for helping to spread the word about New Zealand Babywearing Week – the countdown is on . . .

Weekly Focus: Woven Wraps

Front wrap cross carry with a storchenwiege woven wrap

In the lead up to New Zealand Babywearing Week (10 – 16 October 2011) we will be focusing on the six main types of baby carriers. So far we have covered pouch slings and stretchy wraps.  This week we’re focusing on woven wraps.  Keep an eye on the New Zealand Babywearing Week week Facebook page too this week for more information about woven wraps including ‘how to’ videos and photos.

Thanks to Jess from Slingbabies for sharing her knowledge of woven wraps for this post:

Woven wraps are made from purpose-loomed fabric, averaging 70-80cm wide and between 2.7 to 5.5m long.  This is tied in a variety of ways to create whatever carrier is needed.

There are a few main differences between stretchy and woven wraps however.  Woven wraps are wider and much more supportive than stretchy wraps.  They are often made overseas by very well-paid workers and then imported, which accounts for the chunkier pricetag!  You can back carry with a woven wrap, which gives a lot more freedom. Parents of subsequent babies often choose to back carry from early on, once they’ve gained confidence carrying the first baby.

There are many carries you can do with a woven wrap – Front Wrap Cross Carry (like the Front Pocket Cross Carry for a stretchy wrap but without the ‘stuff down the front’ step), Front Cross Carry (FCC), Hip Cross Carry, Back Wrap Cross Carry, Secured High Back Carry (SHBC), Ruck Carry the list goes on!

A slight downside to woven wraps is that you need to re-tie them every time you wrap (with the exception of the FCC).  But you’ll get so quick at it, it won’t be a problem soon. My personal favourite carry is the SHBC, because it suits newborn to toddler, and the first diagonal passover keeps baby nice and secure while you arrange the rest.

Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrapThe photo above shows a Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Wrapstar Neopolitan.  See how there is one layer of fabric over baby, then the sides cross over for support? If you like you can bunch the sides and keep only one layer across baby (like the image at the top of this post with a Storchenwiege – note the optimal positioning for baby’s hips and spine – knees up, bum down), it’s still supportive and good for hot weather.

This picture below shows a Hip Cross Carry with a Storchenwiege woven wrap.  It’s a super easy ‘carry’ to whack on in a hurry:

Hip cross carry with Storchenwiege woven wrapThis next photo shows a Back Wrap Cross Carry in a Wrapstar Berry Stripes wrap at 5 months old. Baby sits down in the small of your back.  I like this as it’s quite a symmetrical carry method and you can adjust the chest belt easily.

back wrap cross carry with a woven wrapThe next photo shows a Secured High Back Carry in a Calin Bleu red wrap at 5 weeks old.  Not as symmetrical as the BWCC but still a goodie!

secured high back carry in woven wrapCheck out Paulus’ SHBC video too and have a go.

For more detailed information about woven wraps,  photo instructions and videos, please visit Slingbabies.

Remember to check out the New Zealand Babywearing Week facebook page this week for more information about stretchy wraps too.